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Everything you can do during your stay.

Walks in the woods.

Since we are located in the middle of forests, we have many forest paths and roads for peaceful nature walks. They are suitable for walking, running or cycling.

Višnja gora swimming pool.

A nice larger swimming pool is located in Višnja gora, only 12 km from Brunarica Biopark. Next to it is a pleasant bar with food and drinks, and the swimming pool is suitable for the whole family. Open during summer.


Županova cave.

Near Brunarica Biopark, only 15 km away, is Županova cave. You can book a tour of the cave, and you can get there by car.

Radensko Polje.

Only 2 km away from the log house is Radensko polje, which changes with the seasons. It has many paths for longer walks or cycling. There are various rivers and caves in the field.


Frog House.

There is a frog house on the Raden field, which is a nature conservation center. It lies on an island right next to the source of the river Šica. In the house, you get to know the living and non-living parts of the Radensko polje park. An entrance fee must be paid.

Lake Bloško.

A lake only 35 km away, suitable for swimming, rowing or just walking around. There is also a bar near the lake where you can eat and drink. The lake can also be reached by bicycle. The water is warm all summer and it is a popular destination.


The source of the Krka river.

After a short drive of 11 km, you can also see the source of the Krka river and book a guided tour of the cave. A circular route on foot is also suitable. You can get there by car or by bicycle.

Vodomčev gaj.

Vodomčev gaj consists of an interweaving of nature and cultural landscape with wetland meadows, ponds, reedbeds, streams, an orchard and the edge of the forest. It is suitable for sightseeing and a nice walk.

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